Lighten Naturally Your Dark Lips into Pink

Dark Lips Treatment

Dark Lips Treatment

Lip darkening or lip pigmentation is a common problem. It may happen for a variety of causes, including habitual smoking or chewing tobacco, hereditary factors, certain medical diseases, birthmarks, drug reactions, lip damage or injury, exposure to UV radiations or pollution, and aesthetic allergies. People often ignore the pigmentation of the lips until they appear too dark and displeasing.

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What is the reason for lip pigmentation?

Melanin is a pigment produced by melanocytes that produce skin color. Melanocytes are found in the epidermal layers that cover the lips. Because their skin is thinner than that of other body parts, it is very sensitive. More melanin synthesis results in darker skin, while fewer melanin results in lighter skin tone. Hyperpigmentation, also known as skin discoloration, is the abnormal synthesis of extra melanin pigments, which results in the formation of dark spots or patches on the skin. It may strike any part of the body, including the lips.

What are the causes of lip pigmentation?

The following are some of the probable causes of lip discoloration:

Exposure to the Sun

When skin is exposed to the sun or UV rays for an extended period of time, it produces an excess of melanin in order to absorb the sunlight. As a result, hyperpigmentation occurs. It is critical to protect the lips from UV damage by using lip balms with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Cigarette Smoking

Smoking on a regular basis may cause the lips to darken with time. This is due to the nicotine and tar found in cigarettes, which may shorten or constrict blood vessels and deprive the skin of oxygen and nutrients due to decreased blood flow. It may also cause melanocytes to generate more melanin than normal, leading to uneven lip coloring.


Because of the fluctuating amounts of hormones in the body, some women may notice brief dark spots on their skin, especially their lips, during pregnancy. Melasma is the medical term for this ailment.

Certain procedures and treatments

These include antimalarial medications, oral antibiotics, anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, and anticancer medications. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may also be the reason. The lips may stay dark until a certain treatment period or medicine is finished, or they may remain dark indefinitely.

Medical issues

Addison’s disease, Actinic keratosis, Laugier-Hunziker syndrome, Peutz-syndrome, Jaeger’s Familial lentiginosis syndrome, Angiokeratoma, Venous lake, Anemia, HIV infection, vitamin deficiency, mucosal melanoma, elevation in iron levels, and hormonal abnormalities are examples of these.

How is lip pigmentation treated?

Nd:YAG Q-switched laser
Q-switched Nd: YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) laser is a revolutionary technology to treat uneven skin tone and lip hyperpigmentation. It is a laser technique that is often used to cure lip discoloration. This kind of laser is very safe for the skin and is mostly used to remove deeply embedded melanocytes that other cosmetic products or chemical peels cannot reach. It uses two wavelengths: a larger wavelength of 1064 nm (with deep penetrating capabilities, making it suitable for treating cutaneous lesions) and a shorter wavelength of 532 nm, both of which are useful for entering deep into the body.

The Q-switched Nd: YAG laser emits an invisible beam of light that targets the melanin (coloured pigment) in the dark spots while having no impact on the surrounding skin. Melanin absorbs the heat energy released by laser light and fragments inside the tissues of the skin. The broken pigments are eventually disposed away by the body, resulting in a smooth and even skin tone. For the service to deliver the best results, it generally needs 6-8 therapy sessions separated by 4 to 6 weeks.

How is this laser treatment performed?

Lip pigmentation reduction using a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser requires wearing protective eyewear or a customized eye cover to shield the eyes from the laser during the process. Some individuals tolerate the therapy, while others with sensitive skin want temporary anesthetics. Skin is frequently numbed for lips. The procedure is then carried out by a trained medical specialist who presses a portable laser device against the skin of the treatment location to administer the laser beam in pulses.

The laser device is configured to regulate the emission of laser light in pulses based on the kind of therapy being done. For the treatment of vascular disorders affecting sensitive parts of the body, the pulse length should be 50 milliseconds and the output energy should be 150 to 250 J/cm2.

The patient may experience a burning or pin-pricking sensation on the treated region for several minutes or up to a few hours when the laser light enters the skin. The skin has a mild redness and crusting.

To comfort the treatment region, cold compresses or a cooling gel are administered. However, sophisticated laser equipment now has a built-in cooling system to make the treatment more pleasant.

A single session may generally erase 75-100% of a person’s dark spots. To totally neutralize the hue and get delicate pink lips, a second or third treatment may be required.

Pre-treatment care for Dark Lip 

  • Avoid sun tanning before your laser treatment.
  • Do not use any blood thinners for at least two weeks.
  • Use as little cosmetics or make-up as possible in the treatment area.

Post-treatment care for Dark Lip

  • After laser therapy, avoid direct sunlight for at least seven to 10 days. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen on a regular basis to protect your lips from UV damage.
  • Be aware that the treated area will have dark-brown coloured scabs for up to two weeks or more. Avoid picking at the crust as this may cause scarring.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Avoid eating junk food and hot foods.
  • For a few days, avoid using thick matted lipsticks.

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