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Psoriasis occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy skin cells, causing them to grow too quickly. This results in the formation of thick, scaly patches known as plaques. These plaques can be itchy and painful and they may bleed or crack.

At Saavya Dermatology And Laser Clinic, dermatologists offer the most effective treatments for psoriasis, regardless of its severity.

Psoriasis may occur early or later in life and can affect any age group, sex, or race.

Psoriasis Treatment in Bhandup West, Mumbai

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis treatment is multi-pronged, i.e., depending upon the associated conditions it may require the help of other specialists as well. Depending upon the body surface area involved and the severity of psoriasis, it may be treated with topical medications alone or a combination of topical drugs, light therapy, and systemic drugs. Further, as research in this field has been immense, today we have the option of targeted psoriasis treatment which is in the form of injectables (biologics for psoriasis) and provides the patient with faster relief, decreased joint pains, and also longer periods of remission.

Dr.Sayali Thakare is a professional dermatologist who specializes in the treatment of Psoriasis. Her extensive experience and knowledge have made her one of the best resource for treating this condition effectively. She utilizes latest methods to ensure fast relief from psoriasis-related symptoms and long lasting results.

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