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Corn Removal

What are Corns?

Corns and calluses occur as a result of repeated friction and pressure on a particular region of the skin. As a result of the constant friction, the skin attempts to defend itself by hardening. The most frequent form of hardened skin encountered is corn on the foot. Repetitive exercise may also cause calluses and corns to develop on the hands and fingers. They are normally asymptomatic, but if not treated immediately, they may become painful.

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What are the signs and symptoms?

Corns and calluses are characterized by the formation of a thick, rough patch on the skin, a hardened elevated bump, flaky, dry, or waxy skin, and discomfort in the affected area.

The distinction between corns and calluses

Corns are tiny skin hardenings with a central ring of irritated skin. Corn may also form in areas of the foot that do not bear weight. They might appear on the tops, sides, or between the toes. When pushed, corn becomes painful.

Calluses: Calluses, which form on the soles of your feet, are usually not unpleasant. Calluses are most often seen beneath the heels or balls of the feet, as well as on the palms and knees. They vary in size and form, and are often bigger than corn.

What are the causes of corn and calluses?

  • Corns and calluses may form for a variety of causes. Wearing ill-fitting shoes may cause foot compression. When footwear is too loose, the foot may slip and rub against the shoe, as well as against a seam or thread within the shoe. Wearing shoes or sandals without socks may potentially create foot friction.
  • Calluses form when you play musical instruments or use hand tools regularly. Foot abnormalities such as hammer toes and certain bone spurs are also risk factors.

What is the treatment for corn removal?

Electrocautery and radiofrequency therapy are the most often utilized methods for curing corn on the foot. To reduce pain, the area is first prepared and cleansed, followed by numbing. The electrocautery equipment employs electric current, while the radiofrequency equipment uses radiofrequency to permanently remove corns on foot. The procedure takes just a few minutes, and ordinary activities may be resumed immediately. Antibiotics are recommended, combined with a topical antiseptic cream and healing cream, to accelerate the healing process of the skin.

Laser Corn Removal – Laser treatment or laser removal may be used to treat corn on the foot. A dermatologist will use a particular kind of laser to remove corns. A small needle is used to provide local anesthetic to the afflicted region after cleaning it. The use of anesthetic eliminates any discomfort during the corn removal procedure and makes the procedure pleasant. To separate and thoroughly remove the corn on the foot, the laser handpiece is delicately run around it. Some bleeding may occur, but it will cease on its own in a few minutes. To prevent infections, topical antiseptics and oral antibiotics are administered after foot corn therapy.

Surgical procedure – This is another approach for removing corns on the foot when they are caused by a bone abnormality. Surgery is used to repair the bone so that the increased pressure in the afflicted regions may be reduced. Enucleation surgery for corn is a novel method used in a few specialist skin clinics.
In certain circumstances, over-the-counter salicylic acid patches are indicated for the treatment of newly formed corns on the foot. Salicylic acid softens the tough layers of skin and helps to separate the dead skin from the good skin.

The most frequent and straightforward therapy for calluses is buffing or cutting the hardened skin to the levels where soft skin may be brought to the surface. An expert dermatologist can execute this therapy safely and effectively without harming any healthy skin that has not yet hardened.
As a callus remover, prescription patches to soften the skin are also available. Skin experts may prescribe certain products that have shown consistent effectiveness in the past. These patches often include mild acids that exfoliate and soften the calloused skin.

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