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Keloids Treatment

Our body has a natural mechanism to repair itself after cuts, puncture wounds, surgical scars, severe acne, chickenpox, insect bites, injection sites, piercings, and tattoos. But when the repair forms extra scar tissue growth, it is known as a keloid or keloidal scar. A keloid is a raised scar that remains after the injury has healed. It is triggered by an excess of collagen protein in the skin during the natural healing process. A keloid can be lumpy or ridged. Though keloids are not harmful, they can look unattractive and require to be removed by a professional dermatologist. Permanent keloid removal treatments include corticosteroid shots, cryotherapy, silicone sheets or gel, laser therapy, pressure treatment, and surgical removal.

At Saavya, we treat keloids with care so that their recurrence is minimal. We have a high rate of keloid removal success. Call us for keloid removal costs today.

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